My name is Steven Cortez.

I specialize in helping small businesses grow and reach more customers online.

After years of working with many small business owners designing their websites I saw many clueless when it came to marketing their business online. Many businesses figured just having a website was all they needed in order to get more customers finding them.

Boy they were wrong… 

My business started out as a web design company for small businesses and soon started offering assistance in online marketing to help them get even more customers to their business.

As a small business owner myself I could relate to their problems and what they were really seeking. We want more customers. We want more solid leads. We want more business pouring in.  For over 10+ years I’ve made a full time income solely from the internet in driving in new customers, leads, phone calls into my business.

I give away a ton of small business internet marketing advice on my blog. In additional to that I also offer do-it-for-you online marketing services to the busy business owner who’s business is growing and doesn’t have the time to do it himself but understand it’s importance and the need of it in order to grow and reach more customers online.  I love helping businesses grow and reach more customers online. If you have any questions contact me here.