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DFW SEO Guru that gets your business ranked on page 1Having your business ranked on page 1 in Google can help customers find your business easier!

My Fort Worth SEO services can help small businesses like yours rank their business on the first page of Google for services you offer.

This will help increase more customers finding you.

Think of page 1 of Google as a game of Monopoly. 

You have 10 organic listings (or digital real estate listings) on page 1.

How many of these 10 listings would you like to see your business on?

As many as possible right?

The more “real estate” you cover on page 1 with your business the more traffic, customers, leads and phone calls come in.

Imagine your business’ website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other reviews about your business showing on page 1 in Google.

This is POWERFUL because 95% of the traffic only visit page 1 when searching online.

Your business can literally dominate the market online and take all of the traffic coming in each and everyday.

But because your businesses is not there your competition is snatching up all of the customers.

My name is Steven Cortez and I am a fort worth SEO expert that helps businesses in Fort Worth, Texas generate more customers, clients, leads and phone calls to their business by ranking them on page 1 in Google.

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  • Your business resides in the Fort Worth area or a 5 mile radius of it.
  • You understand how important SEO is and how it can generate new business for you by ranking your business on page 1.

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