How Are You Different Than Your Competitors?

  • April 21, 2015
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Today you are going to learn the biggest key to succeeding online in getting more customers and more needs to your business.

If you can clearly state this in your marketing messages for your business you can separate yourself from all of your competition and help potential customers choose you over them more easily.

Today we’re going to talk about your USP or unique selling proposition.

A unique selling proposition for your business helps distinguish it and separates yours from all of your competitors. If your USP is clearly stated and easily understood you’ll have a better possibility of potential customers hiring you for the job vs choosing another company.

It seems pretty simple yet many small business owners don’t apply this in any of their marketing messages. Having a clear customer-beneficial unique selling proposition is extremely powerful in helping potential customers know why you are better choice.

What is your business’s USP?

What separates you from your top competitors out there? Can you clearly and quickly answer this?

If you have no USP then there is no reason for potential customers to hire your business for job. Doesn’t that make sense? Why should a customer choose you? Do you offer a better experience? Are you cheaper in price? Faster in service? Offer same day service? Offer a powerful guarantee that the competitors don’t?

Take some time out later in clearly think of your biggest benefit over your competitors. And whatever it is use this as your USP. Don’t always look at price. Many small businesses always focus on being cheaper. Let’s not go this route. All it’s doing is taking money out of your pocket and lowering your hourly pay.

Let me give you an example.

A client of mine I work with in the city is a local printer. He can print just about any type of marketing material for businesses such as flyers, brochures and posters. Standard printing material that you can find and get done at any printshop. In fact, my city has dozens and dozens of local printers that you could go to get the job done, however my client has done a great job at separating himself with a great USP.

In the printing industry, typical turnaround time is two days or more to get your printing completed especially the larger in quantity you purchase. Again this is typical turnaround time. My client offers same-day printing on all jobs. He’s able to compete with the larger print shops in the local city because he offers one powerful element that people want and other printers can’t offer. In turn he’s also able to price his products a little higher than other printers because he offers a faster turn around time.

Do you see where I’m getting at?

You know your industry. You know your competition. Coming up with a USP for your own business isn’t hard but it is extremely important to have one. What is most important in satisfying your customers and that you can delivered just a little bit better than your competitors. As my printer client did, he recognized that people wanting just a little faster turnaround time in getting their jobs back a lot quicker.

A USP is extremely important in any business and can help you sell your service or product a lot more easier than before.

“All other competitors in my industry offer this Mr. customer however we are the only ones that offer this”.

Once you develop your own USP make sure you state it and let potential customers know what exactly it is that you offer better than the rest. Remember potential customers don’t know you or anything about your business. It’s your job to clearly state why you are better.

Years ago I did a lot of graphic design work in a certain niche where I dominated online. New customers would come to me to get my design service done but I was far from the best in what I did. There were a ton of other top-quality designers that were way better than me. However I understood and knew my market and what my customers wanted. The market was flooded with a tons of designers but I was able to stand out over them all because of my clear USP. Many of these designers didn’t offer any type of guarantee and if they did they never stated it so people never knew about it.

But the majority just didn’t offer one. Many customers were worried about getting a design that they didn’t like and being stuck with it. Many thought they’d be out of money if the designer couldn’t come up with exactly what they wanted. I recognize this and clearly stated my guarantee to many of my potential customers. “I offer a complete 100% money back guarantee if you want satisfied with the design I create you”. This one line was able to separate myself from all other designers. I took the worry out of buying from me. I wasn’t any better than the other designers. I didn’t compete on price I recognized what my customers wanted and were worried about then saw what my competitors weren’t doing and how they were listening to them and took advantage of it myself.

This can be done in any industry.

If your small business owner right now reading this seriously take some time out and come up with their own USP. It truly will help in advertising, marketing and selling in your business make it a lot easier for customers to pick you. Are you a plumber that focuses on just one certain area in the city? Maybe your USP could be your a lot faster than the competition because your locally-based and can be at their location in five minutes versus the standard 15 minutes? I don’t know again on helping brainstorm ideas. I wanted to start off my blog with this article because I know how powerful a clear strong USP for any business. And to this day still many small businesses don’t make it clear why people should choose them over the competition.

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