How Can SEO Help My Business?

smallbusinessseoSEO can definitely help your business grow by delivering you more leads, phone calls, inquiries and customers finding your business.

A website without it makes it hard for people to find out about your business. This is because many small businesses think that just having a website is it. But a website without SEO applied to it will make it hard for people to find it. If you have a website now is it generating you any money or business?

If it’s not your website needs help by SEO.

Internet usage all over the world is booming. We use the internet for everything. And it can really boost business with new customers finding you everyday.

For years I’ve applied SEO strategies to all of my websites and businesses because it allows me to reach people 24 hours a day 7 days a week generating me leads and new customers.


SEO does wonders for your business as long as it’s done right.


SEO if done wrong can fuck up your website. By that meaning Google will no longer rank it high in the search engine making it harder for people to find your business. Basically the goal of SEO is to put your website or business listing as close as possible to #1 in the SERP’s. You want to be on page 1 because 95% of people find what they are seeking on page 1. If your on page 2 or beyond, you might as well close up shop.

Or even better is to have multiple listing of your business on page 1 essentially blanketing the first page will your business. As an example: your website, your yelp review, your facebook, your twitter, another review about your business, etc. all on page 1. A domination takeover that really makes you look like an authority in your field.

In this article I want to go over with you how SEO can help your business grow and why.

Backed up with facts and research…. so let’s get on with it…

As I stated earlier the goal of SEO is to rank your business as close as possible to the #1 position for keywords related to your business in the organic listing. This will do a few things for you. It will deliver more targeted traffic to your business’ website. It will make you appear as a trusted authority making it easier to sell your service (we’ll, this guy is #1 so he has to be the best if Google ranks him first), get you more clicks than paid ads and it’s wayyyy cheaper.


1. SEO vs PPC


There are only 2 ways of reaching page 1 in Google for your business:

1. By paid advertisement also called PPC or using Adwords

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization



So let’s discuss quickly the differences without getting into to much mumbo jumbo talk…

PPC or Paid ads allow you to instantly rank your business in the red boxes above for keywords you bid on. In the example above I just keyed in the term “dallas wedding dress store”. The ads in the red boxes are paying to be in these spots. How much depends on several factors but mainly competition. It’s like a bidding war. You bid $1 I have to bid $1.01 to have my ad above your and so on. Prices can get expensive using adwords because of competition and lack of knowledge using it correctly.

In fact a recent article published by AdGooRoo, showed that Adwords cost per click have risen 26% from 2012 to 2014. This is because more competition entering the advertising spaces are driving up cost. Good for Google but bad for us small businesses.

Also for anyone considering using PPC Adwords, check this out…

A very scary statistics for those already using Adwords to advertise your business. published an article titled “Use of Ad Blocking is on the Rise” which talks about the rise of ad blocking software that people are installing on their browser which prevent adwords from showing up when using Google search.

Roughly 20-30% of people have some type of ad blocking software on their computer. Which mean if you are advertising in Adwords, 2 to 3 people out of every 10 people will never see your ad because it’s been blocked out.

However if your site was listed in the organic listing below the ads you’d be fine. Your listing would still show up. People trust organic listings way more than paid ads.


2. People Ignore Google Ads But Trust Organic Results

Just like when you watch TV we are conditioned to ignore commercials. When we listen to the radio and a commercial comes on what do you normally do? We turn the volume down, change the channel, tune it out or just turn it off.

Our entire lives we have been conditioned this way to deal with commercials and ads.

The same goes with using the internet. When searching a website or searching online subconsciously we ignore typical advertisements. In the case of searching on Google for something we skip past reading the advertisement listing on top and head straight down to the organic listings.


In this article by Danny Goodwin he explained a study done by GroupM UK and Nielsen showed that search users clicked on organic results 94% of the time vs paid advertisements.

The reasons are obvious. We’re programmed to ignore commercials.  We see commercials and ads like a salesmen running up to us trying to see us things.

People jump to the organic listing because we assume the listings there are authentic and trustworthy because they didn’t pay to get that spot.

In this study done by PushOn; a search engine marketing agency, they believe the reason for this is because people tend to trust Google’s big brand as it delivers confidence and that advertising can’t provide the same assurance because it’s position is bought rather than earned.

This is why your business needs to show up in the organic listing.


3. Top Organic Listing Makes You An Authority in the Market


Ranking your businesses on page 1 in Google for services you offer not only bringing in more traffic and customers but ranking high in Google also makes your business “appear” as a top authority in your market to people. People trust Google’s brand and if Google has placed your business in the top searches well then… you must be the best because Google says so.

And when your business shows authority you have trust. Trust making it easier to for people to believe what you say. It makes people buy from you easier without questioning your business.


And when people trust you they buy from you more easier. It’s much easier to sell your service to them.



3. Page 1 Gets 95% of Traffic

When searchers search for something on Google they find what they are seeking on the first page.

Hardly anyone clicks to page 2 and beyond. If your website isn’t on page 1, your business needs SEO help. So if your business isn’t listed on the first page of Google your missing out on 95% of traffic!

The difference between page 1 and 2 is huge.  You have only 10 organic listings in Google on page 1 and if your not listed there guess who’s snatching up customers from you.


Your website needs to be working for you. I deal with many small businesses around my city. Many of them have websites but their website doesn’t bring in any new business or customers to them. They have a website just have one.

If this is you, this is not how it’s suppose to work.

A website done the right way should be like an online salesman working for you everyday sending you in new leads and customers from search engines.

SEO can help not only boost your website to page 1 for better visibility to your customers but boost up other additional webpages you have, other popular reviews about your company and other social links to page 1.

Think of page 1 like the game Monopoly. You have 10 spots on page 1. If you can have your business listed on as many of those top 10 spots you’ll cover a lot of land thereby increasing traffic and customers vs just having 1 listing.


If your a small business owner and is considering SEO make sure you hire someone who’s an expert in the field. I offer help and seo for small business owners for those seeking it. I can give you a free evaluation on what you need to do.

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