How To Hire A Web Designer For My Business.

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There’s literally thousands and thousands of web designers out there to choose from when deciding to hire one to create a website for your business.

We can all agree they are a dime a dozen so which one is best for us?

Just Google web designers and your city and just see the endless amount of designers out there. Craigslist, Angie’s List, Back Pages….. the list of designer don’t stop.

The problem isn’t finding one. The problem is finding one who’ll deliver a great return on your investment (ROI). A designer who understands more than designing but also online marketing. One that can build your business an online asset that continuously brings in new customers.

In this article I want to help you as a business owner find and choose the right type of web designer to help you with your business.

With so many out there how do you know which one is the right one?

What questions should you ask to help filter out the bad ones?

What should you look for when talking with one? Which features do I need?

Let’s jump right in.

As an example we are going to use any local business that sells a service since a majority of local businesses offer service based work. Plumbers, roofers, window cleaners, painters etc.

First let’s discuss the perfect scenario for your business online. Then work backwards to help us find what we need in the beginning.

What’s the most perfect scenario you can picture seeing your business have online?

Lets create it.

Picture your business online looking like this online:

You receive a tons of qualified calls and leads coming in daily from people finding your business online. From ready-to-buy customers calling your phone to those inquiring about your services on your website by filling out a form.

More calls and leads are steadily coming in online to your business. To make things even more great, customers are already presold about your business and are ready to hire you. They are presold because your website has done a great job pre-selling your services using powerful sales copy to help create customers eager to hire you while funneling them down your sales pipeline.

Customers that have read great reviews about your company online so they now trust you in getting the job done correctly. And finally your business ranks high in search engines such as Google for services you provide in your city which provide a steady stream of potential qualified new customers finding your business each and everyday. 

Would you say that’s about right after reading that?

If you are local business doesn’t that create the perfect scenario for your business online if you could get that?

More Customers — Ultimately this is our goal.

This would create the perfect scenario for our business online. With that in mind we now know what we want our end goal to look like.

Feel free to alter this to fit your own custom perfect online presence for your business. This was just an example of a standard vision I came up with after working with so many small businesses. What it all comes down to is getting more customers to our business.

So here are some tips to look for when hiring a small business web designer in your city.

1. So-Pretty!

When talking to the web designer does he talk more about design and making the site look nice than talking about marketing, customer attraction, getting more leads in getting your business online from targeted traffic?

Is he more focused on having a “pretty” website?

In a previous article I discuss the two types of web designers there are. Those that are solely focused on design and making a pretty website and those that are skilled in online marketing your business and attracting more customers and clients, and getting your phone to ring with qualified prospects.

This ultimately is decided on what your goal is as a business online. If you are like the 99% of other small businesses out there, we want more customers needs or into our business. And if that’s the case you want to avoid web designers that don’t talk numbers, online customer attraction techniques, conversions, more leads and phone calls.

These are keywords you want to listen for. Because this is a type of web designer who will build you a website that is designed to convert and attract traffic and new customers to your business.

2. Online Marketing Experience?

Does he offer any marketing in addition to web designing. You see having just a website doesn’t automatically bring in new customers to your business. This is where 95% of web designers stop it. Many web designers aren’t marketers and know nothing of online marketing.

Online marketing helps by attracting qualified traffic to your website and business online. The two go hand-in-hand. A website needs traffic in order to bring in customers to your business. Any web designer can build a website but that’s not our end goal as we discussed above. It’s about bringing in more business and customers. And in order to bring in new customers people have to easily find us online. This is done with SEO, social media, craigslist and review websites.

3. $199 Website Design!

Avoid web designers that offer a fixed price way before even evaluating your business.

How can a web designer (or any builder of any kind) quote you a job on building something without first knowing what you want or need? Wouldn’t it make sense for them to first ask you questions about your current business, current marketing and your end goals first before giving you a price?

Do you really think a $199 or $500 website will bring in new customers. Did we forget your competition? Do you really think a $500 website will put you ahead of your competitors. Absolutely not.

These are the type of designers you want to avoid.

Picture this, let’s say your sick and you visit the doctor. You’re sitting in the doctor’s office and the first thing the doctor does is give you the bill. With that scene happen like that? Of course not we’ve all been to the doctor. When were sitting in front of the doctor what is you do? He asks us about our symptoms, about issues were having, pains and concerns about what we feel like. He asked tons of questions, only then he can evaluate us, offer us a solution to any medication and finally bill us after all said and done. A good web designer does the same.

When talking with potential clients that are interested in having their website built with me I go through with them a ton of questions that I need answered first. Only then if I can help them offer them my investment fee to build their business online.

So avoid any web designer that offers a standard fixed rate on web design. Hiring one of these designers end up costing you money by creating a useless website that looks “pretty” but never brings in a new customer for your business.

4. Mobile Compliant?

Is the website they build for you mobile compliant? Does your website work and display on mobile phones and tablets correctly.

Just recently Google has penalized websites that are optimized for mobile usage. Internet access online via phones and are growing at a tremendous rate and Google recognizes. If your website isn’t built for mobile, other websites that are built for mobile are favored over your website ranking them higher and in a better position in your business. So make sure they mention your website being compatible for mobile.

Do they have to be local?

No not necessarily.

Web designers can be located anywhere so as long as they meet our criteria on what our business needs online which is attracting customers, attracting qualified traffic, attracting leads and a great converting website.

So let’s recap on what you want to find what you want to avoid when hiring a web designer.

Avoid web designers with a pre-fixed quote on building your website without first evaluating your business goals and market.

Make sure you hire a web designer that knows marketing before the design and features. Marketing talk is about attracting customers, targeted traffic and more leads into your business. A marketer talks numbers and uses equations in helping you picture what it takes to reach the certain amount of customers your business wants and needs.

Design comes second to a marker because design isn’t what attracts customers to you — marketing does. Next does he know how to build a website that sells. A website and knows how to convert traffic into customers by using powerful headlines, sales copy and other marketing and psychology tactics. This designer knows how to funnel in traffic so they are presold about your services way before calling you making your job a lot more easier to close the sale.

I hope you enjoy this article and have taken in some great points when searching for a web designer to create your site and market your business online. If you are designer isn’t talking about what needs to be done to get your business in front of more customers move on. 95% of small business websites online do nothing for the business.

Their website has become a cost and useless asset that just sits online collecting dust. Don’t be fooled by designers that offer cheap rates and pretty looking design. What it all comes down to is using your website as a 24 hour a day salesman online for your business. And in order for the salesman to work its best he needs prospects coming into the website. This is done with quality targeted traffic.

steven-dallas-web-designerIf you are a small business owner like to speak to me about setting up your business online the right way contact me for free evaluation. My name is Steven Cortez, an online digital marketing in Dallas and I help local businesses in their city reach more customers online. They may assist you in creating unique free online market analysis of your business and a step-by-step plans on attracting more customers online for your business.


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