Local Business Traffic Sources: Attract More Targeted Traffic Locally To Your Business.

  • April 26, 2015
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Today we’re going to go over the best traffic sources online for your local business.

Getting targeted traffic to your business online is the biggest hurdle that many small businesses have trouble with. You could offer the best service or product in your market but if no one knows who you are or they can’t find you how can they hire you?

Many local business owners have websites that are missing the most important element of all, targeted traffic.

If you are local business is not generating new business or customers online one of the most important elements you are missing is getting targeted traffic to your website.

That is all you’re missing.

If you had targeted traffic visiting your website every day of people in search of what you have to offer your business would greatly improve.

So let’s jump right in.



The first traffic source were going to look at is from Google.

We go to Google search for services that you offer in your city. Do you come up on page 1 anywhere listed? If not you’re missing tons of new business and customers each month. Statistics show that 90% of searchers find what they’re searching for on the first page of Google. Which basically means if you’re not on page 1 you don’t exist. Very rarely do people go to page 2 and beyond. So the goal is for you to rank high on page 1 in Google. This is done through SEO.

Google traffic for your business is extremely high quality. This is because when people go to the type in a phrase and are searching for something they need help with. Google then displays results of websites that can help you with your problem. So the traffic you get from Google is extremely targeted. Possibly the highest quality traffic you can get anywhere.

In addition to Google there is also traffic from Bing and Yahoo which deliver way less traffic than Google but traffic is traffic to me. I don’t care how it comes to my business. As long as it’s targeted traffic from people that my business could serve. Right?

The next most popular type of traffic you can look toward is paid traffic from the search engines.

Just having a websites doesn’t automatically mean your website is guaranteed first page ranking for services your business offers. Hardly the case. This is the job of SEO. However if you want instant targeted traffic consider paid traffic (sometimes called PPC).

Google, Bing and Yahoo allow you to bid on keywords related toward your business. If you are a commercial painter in Dallas, Texas you can bid on “commercial painters in Dallas”. Your website then instantly shows on page 1 at the top of the page allowing your business instant visibility from those searching for it.

A few pointers for those considering paid traffic. Always create special landing pages for this kind of traffic. Never just send traffic to your website’s homepage. Also look for bad keywords that aren’t related to your business and place them inside your negative keyword list. For example referring to the commercial painters in Dallas.

If someone types in Google “how to become a commercial painter in Dallas” your website probably would show up but this would be a waste of money and clicks because this search isn’t looking to hire a company but instead wanting info on how to become one. In this case I’d enter “how to become” in the negative keyword list.

Your negative keyword list will always grow and you’ll need constant monitoring. Ignoring this will cause you to waste money on your campaign. Your literally burning money. And finally last tip for PPC, create ads that get clicked. The higher the CTR (click thru rate) the lower your cost per click goes.

social-media-local-marketingSocial media is another great source for local traffic.

Have you even set up a business Facebook page? That would be step 1. Not a basic personal page , a business fan page.

This will allow you to utilized other features that FB allows plus for advertising. FB also is like paid search traffic allow you to place advertisement on your exact search market. FB allows you to target your market precisely.

Craigslist is another great source for local traffic for your business reaching over 30 million visitors a month and ranked among the top 100 most visited websites around the world.


Depending on your market Craigslist could work or it couldn’t but if you haven’t tested it out it’s worth trying. The key with mastering Craigslist is to create compelling ad copy and posting 2+ times a day in your local city. I’d consider testing it for a month. Write a great appealing headline, detailed copy about your services and why you are the best choice for the job, give exact requirement on who your seeking to weed out bad, time-wasting call leads from people.


If your local business isn’t getting traffic to your website consider setting up and working on these websites for obtaining targeted local traffic. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I offer local online marketing for businesses needing help marketing on the web.

I help business owners with a growing business (that just don't have the time to do it themselves) expand and reach even more customers online. I help manage, run and systematize their marketing efforts online to help deliver more customers and targeted leads into their business each month.

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