How To Get A Website That Prints Out Money For Your Business — Everyday!

small business website designerAnswer this simple question.

Do you want a website that makes your business money?

Then do NOT just hire any web designer to make a website for your business. I cannot be any more serious about this. Not all website designers are the same.


90% of website designers are artists, 10% are marketers.

Artists build websites that look pretty.

Marketers build websites that make your business money.


You want a website designer who understands marketing and sales techniques and how to apply them to your website so customers will visit your website and will buy your service or product.

Your in business to make money, right? Then wouldn’t you want to hire a web design marketer who knows how to attract customers and how to get them to buy from you?

Many typical web designers do not know anything about how to build you a website that makes your business money and brings in new customers.

Many just build a website that looks pretty. But “pretty” doesn’t make you money unless your a fashion model. You want more customers. You want money. You want more business. Then hire someone who know how to apply marketing techniques to your websites which attract these 3 things.


There are 2 types of websites that you could get:

A typical website

A Money Making Lead Generating Website


Let’s go over them both below so you can understand what they do….


A Typical Website


1. Anyone can build one of these.

2. These types of websites are built from Wix, VistaPrint or online website builders.

3. This type of website makes your business NO money because no one ever find it.

4. It generates no traffic online in search engines making your business hard to find.

5. 90% of small business websites are built this way.

6. Many websites like these are built like an “online company brochure” about the business which does bring in new business.

7. If you have a website and it’s never made your business any money you have a website like this.

8. Traditional websites bring in $0 money for your business. You are losing money every month because of this.


Money Making Lead Generating Website


1. This type of website makes your business money, it generates leads for you and makes your phone ring from potential customers finding you online.

2. This type of website ranks your business on page 1 in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for a variety of keywords making it easier for people to find you.

3. This type of website is built for search engines which bring in traffic to your website everyday 24/7.

4. People easily find out about your business because your website and business show up on page 1.

5. This type of website is built around keywords of services and problems your business solves for customers making your website show up first when people search for it online.

6. Traditional websites are built around the company but people aren’t searching online for your company, they are searching for solutions to their problems.

7. Lead generation money websites are a digital asset that make your business money each & every month.


Which do you want?


If you would like me to help build you a website that makes your small business money, bring in customers and fresh leads each and everyday contact me here. My schedule is extremely busy so please contact me only if your serious about my web design service.


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