Small Business Online Marketing Strategies To Generate More Customers.

  • April 24, 2015
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Are you a local business owner with a growing business and are looking to expand and reach more customers online with your local business? Do you have a website but it does nothing for your business?

In this article we are going to go over 3 key elements you must have in place for your business online in order to generate more customers locally for your business. How to bring in more traffic and more hot leads pouring into your business each and every day.

These three key elements must be in place for your business online or your business will fail at achieving any new customers. Also once they are in place setting your service or product is much more easier because many potential customers that contact you have been pre-sold by what you have to offer and are ready to buy. This means less talking on your behalf when selling because your website or web property has done its job with correctly pre-selling it.

Once you apply these three things to your online marketing plan more targeted traffic, and customers will follow. This can generate tons more leads and customer inquiries for your business.

Let’s jump right in.

Local business marketing on how to bring in more customers1. You need a website that knows how to sell, attract & convert.

Designing and structuring your businesses website using powerful online marketing strategies and tactics are important to have in place.

Some strategies are: powerful headlines, a USP, using testimonials of satisfied clients displayed on your website, using authoritative links and groups that you are part of an great sales copy are a few important elements your website must have improper place to help turn a visitor on your website into a lead or phone call for your business.

The website must be properly designed to funnel and help guide a visitor that lands on your website into picking up the phone and calling your business or filling out a form that turns into a lead.

Not every type of web designer out there can create a property structured websites such as this for your small business. Check out this article I’ve written on the two types of web designers there are out there and how to select the right one.

There also are so many free website builders out there that can hurt your business even more such as, or other free website builder software. Where do I start? First off are you an online marketer? Do you understand how to write powerful headlines? A compelling USP? How to properly funnel visitors into customers online?

No, of course not.

This is not your market, this is not your business. So how do you know if you’re build a website that converts? Your not. And a confused visitors does not buy they leave. While these builders are easy to use you do not help create a website that sell, attract and convert visitors.

Plus many of these free builders make your website a very unprofessional by tagging their own name on the bottom of your website. Well this may seem no big deal it makes your business look cheap.

When I see a business with the website built by a free website builder I’m completely turned off by the business. Don’t take the cheap way out by designing a website yourself just because his website builders make it simple to build a site. Understand the purpose of the website and its goal. A a website should be an asset for your business. Not an expense.

2. The next key element you must have online is targeted traffic.

how to get more local traffic to your business.

Your business online no matter how great of a website you have needs targeted traffic seeing it in order to generate new customers for your business. A website must have targeted traffic in order for it to work.

This is where many small businesses fail. Many get to the point of having a website built but assume just because they have one traffic will automatically pour in.

How do you get targeted traffic? The most popular ways to generate and reach targeted traffic is through SEO, paid traffic and social media.

While there are a few others these are the most popular and can probably generate the most traffic for you. So what is targeted traffic?

If you are an attorney in Dallas that specializes in personal injury then you want people landing on your website that have been recently involved in a personal injury accident and are looking for a lawyer. This would be your most targeted prize traffic you could get on your website. Imagine having daily traffic of people landing on your website searching online for related services that you offer and finding your business.

This is vital.

After creating and designing a powerful converting website your next she should be focusing on getting targeted traffic through the top traffic sources online. This will help funnel in prospect needs for your business. If you have a website now that doesn’t bring in any new business I can bet that this step is what you’re missing. you probably have zero targeted traffic visiting your website every day.

And finally the third important element you need online social proof, positive reviews in good standing with online trusted authority websites such as the BBB.

local-review-websitesYou see when people find your business they go online to Google entering its name and see what comes up. Basically they’re looking for reviews about your company and are looking what other people are saying about. This is very common.

The majority of the time the results when googling your name are authoritative and review style websites such as BBB, Yelp, Angie’s list & Google reviews.

These are trusted authority websites and Google’s eyes and are normally first to display when searching for a company. So take advantage of that.

Start using these websites toward your advantage. Get customers to leave positive reviews on Angie’s list, yelp and other popular review sites that display and the results of Google for your business. Keep a good A+ standing with the BBB and other authoritative websites.

This makes your business look like the perfect choice in the services that you offer.

You’ll see positive reviews on different websites. Five-star ratings and A+ ratings across the board plus glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. How much more easier is it for a prospect thats on the fence on hiring you after seeing such a positive look on your business now?

Many businesses don’t take advantage of this. Business reputation online very important as people do research on the company before hiring them especially the larger the job.

Incorporate these three important elements with your online marketing strategy for your business to help bring in new customers each and every day.

If you are a small business owner reading this with a growing business and are to busy to do this yourself and need help setting up and marketing your business online contact me today. I love work with small business owners like you. Being one myself I enjoy helping others out on what they need to do to grow online to reach more customers in your local city.

I help business owners with a growing business (that just don't have the time to do it themselves) expand and reach even more customers online. I help manage, run and systematize their marketing efforts online to help deliver more customers and targeted leads into their business each month.

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