Small Business Website Design Tips: 5 Important Features Your Website Must Have.

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The better optimized your website is, the better it converts.

A better converting website = More customers. More calls. More leads.

As a business owner, we’d all like that right?

Not all websites are properly optimized especially the ones built by the business owner (which know nothing about optimizing a website). There is more to building a website than add photos and services of what you do. It’s going to take a lot more than that to get customers to pick up the phone and call you.

A website that isn’t optimized properly will contain a ton of “leaky holes”. These holes leak out visitors on your website.  When a visitor is gone, they’re gone forever! Picture a water buck with quarter-sized holes all around the bucket. What happens when you pour water in it? The water just leaks out. The same goes for your website that isn’t optimized correctly.

By plugging up these holes you can then funnel and properly optimize your website better to bring in more customers. Let’s dive right in:


1. No Direction

Before starting your website let’s first start with the end goal in mind. What main action would you like a visitor to do upon visiting your website. Pick up the phone and call you? Fill out a form? Submit their email? By knowing this you can then build your site and copy around this goal.

To many websites I see have no direction. Call us here. Fill out this form here. Give us your email and w’ell send you this. Also Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram….To many choices!

According to Psychologist Barry Schwartz, author of Paradox of Choice when people are given an overwhelming amount of choices people do nothing and retreat. Not the action we want them to take.

Try and focus on 1-2 main actions only throughout the website.



Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.23.00 PM

2. No Call To Action

A whopping 70% of small business websites lack a call to action feature on their website. This was a study was done by SmallBizTrends.  A call to action refers to telling your visitors what to do next. Never assume your visitors know what to do next. Don’t leave that up to chance. We want to do our best in controlling what our visitor does with direction we give them. Be clear and state what needs to be done next. “Call us today at 555-5555 and ask for John”, “Fill out this form and we will contact you in 1 hour”. You’d be surprised on how simple this is but not used.

The best places for a call to action is on the top right corner of your website in addition to the very bottom at the end of the page’s content. In any case make sure you are using them.


3. Not Mobile Friendly

Internet usage on mobile phones has been steadily rising and Google’s taken note of this with it’s recent algorithm update affecting websites that aren’t mobile friendly. The update doesn’t penelize websites but merely awards those that are mobile friendly with higher ranking’s. Basically putting them above websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Forbes wrote an article stating the Google mobile update will help small businesses because

…they are in a great place to benefit from the update so as long as they understand and approach the change with the right mind set…

Any website built at this point onward today is safe. Website designers consider mobile just as important as putting your phone number on your website. If your website was built years ago and hasn’t been touched then consider checking your website out first to see if it’s mobile compliant with Google.

A mobile friendly website just makes a customers experience more user friendly and that’s what we want. When a customer can’t navigate or properly read your website they leave.


4. No Unique Selling Proposition

I’ve discuss this plenty of time throughout my website but can’t stress how important this to your business.

Why should anyone hire you? What do you offer different/better than your competitors?

If you can’t answer this then neither can a potential new customer for your business that’s on the fence between you and your competition. Having a USP that’s clear and easy to understand make it more simple for customers to choose you. We all have a USP. No matter what business you’re in. Think of what you offer better, faster, quicker than your competitors.



5. Weak Homepage Copy

You have less than 50 milliseconds to make a good impression on me right now…. ready set go. Done.

How fast was 50 milliseconds? Pretty fast! By the time you reached the “O” in done.

What’s the point?

According to a study done by Gitte Lindgaard and Gary Fernandes you have just mere milliseconds to impress or get the attention of a visitor on your website before they move on. The attention span of website visitors are even shorter than ever now and getting and keeping their attention on your website is important.

And having weak poor copy on your website is one way to get people running off your website faster. What is your most beneficial statement you can give potential visitors on your website?  A powerful headline can grab the attention and bring in visitors to read and learn more about your services. People get bored quick and lose attention. Need helping writing a powerful headline? Check out this article by David Ogilvy, one of the most famous copywriter in the world.

Never start your headline with “Welcome to my website”. One of the most horrible, pointless fluff you could possibly use. With milliseconds on the line to hook visitors on your website do you really think “Welcome to my website” is the answer?

Hell no. If this is on your website’s homepage now, change it now! This is perhaps the most horrible use of copy ever used.

It offer no benefit. No reason to pick you. Nothing.

When writing good copy on your website, write as if your talking with a client directly in front of you. It sounds more natural than fake. Nothing more fake than someone trying to use big words to impress me. Talk real. People can sense this. Also write with benefits that help them. Why your service or product is best for THEM. Keep them in mind as you are solving their problem. I see so many small business website write about them in 90% of the copy. Who cares. How can you help me!!


5. No Trust 

Trust is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles online to overcome when doing business with someone. People can’t talk to us direct on a website. All websites are faceless screens that merely display images, copy and video on what we feel would help sell our services the best.

Proper usage of trust building elements help lower the wall of defense our visitors are holding up in front of them. We are all cautious of scammers and those out to rip us off online. How can you take control of this?  Help the visitor trust your business and know that you are the best ones for the job.  A few ways to build trust is using authoritative logos of groups or organizations you are apart of such as the BBB or local chamber of commerce.

These are respected organizations that are trusted. Tying your business in with them helps your business give off trust.


Using authoritative logos to help boost trust and creditability .

Attorney Salazar, A lawyer in Dallas and client of mine uses great trust building factors on her website from 3 organizations she’s apart of.

These are big organizations that carry a lot of weight in her industry. We were able to use the logos on her website to help build trust.



I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this article and help tips for helping your website convert traffic better into customers. These factors will help a lot if you apply them to your own business properties online. I also want to leave you with this.

If your a local business owner and your business is picking up and getting more busy at this stage you need to seriously start to look at outsourcing and hiring a professional in this field rather than take the time to learn an entire new skill when your plate is already full.  If you want to grow even more, hire someone skilled in this field to take control of this area. To many small business owners try and handle everything!

This is not how successful businesses are ran.

Top CEO’s and successful business owners build a team. No successful business is ran by only 1 person. So for those with a growing business and can afford to outsource it someone more skilled than you– do it! It’ll free up your time while still growing your business even more. If you have any questions or would like assistance with your small business website development contact me today.

I help business owners with a growing business (that just don't have the time to do it themselves) expand and reach even more customers online. I help manage, run and systematize their marketing efforts online to help deliver more customers and targeted leads into their business each month.

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