What to look for when hiring a web designer for my small business?

  • April 23, 2015
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In this article I want to do my best to explain to any business owner out there seeking a web designer to design their businesses website to be aware of the 2 types of web designers out there.

It’s important to know and to be aware that not all web designers are the same. The two types of designers are what I call artist designers and marketer designers.

The most common your find our artist designers everywhere. There is no shortage to web designers, go online Google web designers and you’ll find a boatload of them everywhere. So the problem is in finding one of the problem is finding one that can build you a web asset that’ll bring you an ROI on your business and continually work for your business bringing in new leads and customers to you.

So let’s jump back to it artist web designers.

What are they?

Artist web designers are designers that are more focused on making you a pretty website.

Websites that look appealing with fancy graphics pretty designs and cool effects.

These guys will just come up with a website for you that looks nice but that does nothing for your business in the long run as far as bringing in new customers and sales online. These types of designers have no marketing or sales strategies or training under their belt that they can apply to your business and helping you generate more customers online.

The majority of web designers you’ll find are classified as artist web designers. I estimate that 8 out of 10 small business websites out there that do nothing beneficial for the business. By beneficial I am referring to brining in new business or customers. Many of these small businesses just have a website just to have.

This is not how a website should be.

A website properly designed and structured should be your best salesman online.

Your website should be bringing your business new leads and customers inquiring about your service or product each and every day. I don’t need to tell you how big the Internet is getting and how people use the Internet to research local businesses and find services and products that you offer.

Let’s discuss the next type of designer.

The next type of web design out there is the marketer web designer.

This type of web designer knows online marketing and sales tactics. This type of designer knows how to properly design your website so that converts visitors into customers using powerful headlines, killer business USP’s, trust factor elements and powerful sales copy to presale your product or services to visitors that land on your website before calling you on the phone. This type of designer also knows how to bring in targeted traffic via SEO, a traffic and other popular traffic sources.

Ahh yes!  Now does this sound better to have for your business?

The next step after designing any website should be to funnel and targeted traffic to it. You see the artist web designers as I mentioned above only design your website and stop at that point.

What about traffic?

How do you expect people to find your website?

Any website needs targeted traffic landing on it in order to generate new customers needs to your business. Having just a website will not bring in new customers. You need traffic generating sources to bring in new customers to your business online. Way beyond word-of-mouth.

So how can you tell what type of designer you’re talking to when approaching one?

Simple. If the designer is more concerned with the overall look of your website and doesn’t really have any concern or statements about attracting customers online or new leads for your business is probably an artist web designer. And if you are a small business owner than these are the types of designers you want to avoid.

Your website will turn into more of a cost than an investment for your business and that’s definitely not what you want.

A properly built and structured website will make your business money each and every month. This is how a website should be. When talking to a marketer web designer here she will talk numbers, online marketing strategies, customer attraction traffic sources and techniques on how to bring in new customers each and every month because ultimately this is why you want a website.

So after reading this article what type of web designers you want a higher to design your small business website?

An artist designer will just create your website that I look pretty but do nothing for your business as far as bringing in any new customers?

Or a marketer web designer who not only knows how to create a website that turns into your best salesman online using powerful sales and psychology tactics on converting visitors into customers that are pre-sold on your product or service way ahead of time before calling you making the sale much more easier on your part plus these guys know how to bring in targeted traffic which is the key to generating new customers and clients each and every day to your business.

small-business-website-examplesIf you are a small business owner and are looking to improve or create a website for your business contact me today for free evaluation on getting your business set up the right way the first time. What I can do is offer you a free business analysis on what you’d like to achieve online with your business.

After finding out your goals I can create you a free step-by-step blueprint on what you need to do to reach those goals online for your small business. I currently work with many local businesses on creating them a powerful online business strategy for their company generating them new customers and clients each and every day online exploding sales in their business.

I help business owners with a growing business (that just don't have the time to do it themselves) expand and reach even more customers online. I help manage, run and systematize their marketing efforts online to help deliver more customers and targeted leads into their business each month.

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