Why Your Business Sucks At Getting Customers Online And How To Fix It Today.

  • January 22, 2015
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If you have a website for your business, chances are you aren’t getting any new business or customers from it.

Are customers actually finding your business from your website?

You probably have a website just to have one.

It’s typically the first thing you think of making when it comes to marketing your business online. You get a website. Put up information about your business and then NOTHING HAPPENS.

No new customers.

In this article I’m going to go teach you why this happens and how you can make your website a magnet to attracting new clients. Why aren’t people finding your website and business online and how to turn your website into a 24 /7 online sales machine for your business bringing in new customers and leads.

If your a small business and you have a website BUT you aren’t getting any business from it this article is for you.

The Missing Ingredient Your Business Needs Online To Bring In Customers.

What is it?


To be more specific– Targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic is the most important element your business needs online in order to attract new clients and customers. I can confidently say that if your business isn’t getting customers online it’s because your website gets ZERO traffic to it.

No one ever find it.

It’s hard to find in the search engines.

You can verify this by:

1) checking your website analysis. (Your analysis typically tell you stats about your website’s traffic) and

2) Go to Google, Google search a service your business provides.

Are you a lawyer specializes in Family Law in New York — Then Google Family lawyer in New York…

Are you a plumber in Atlanta — Then Google “plumber in Atlanta”….

You know how to use Google.

Does your business or website show up on page 1 in Google?

Statistics show that 95% of traffic find what they are wanting on page 1.

  • Only 5% of people ever go to page 2 and beyond. So if your business isn’t listed on page 1 your business doesn’t exist to people. People won’t find it.

Page 1 ranking can be achieved by a service called SEO. SEO or search engine optimization helps drive your website up to page 1 which helps increase visibility and targeted traffic to your business.

Your business probably offers a great service or product but if no one know about you how can they hire you? The problem with your business online is the lack of targeted traffic it doesn’t get.

Ok Steven I understand now.

This makes sense. The reason customers aren’t finding me online is because my business isn’t getting any traffic to it.

How do I get targeted traffic?

Online we’re going to focus on the 3 main traffic sources.

Paid traffic.

Organic traffic.

Social media traffic. (also paid)

Sure you can push your website word-of-mouth but the problem with this method is that it’s completely reliant on you. You can only talk to so many people a day. You just can’t push your website every second of the day. It’s to exhausting and this isn’t how you run a business. Im not saying word of mouth is effective.

Far from it. But I want you to focus on traffic opportunities that don’t rely on you having to run it.

We want traffic sources where once it’s set up the traffic comes in 24/7 whether you push it or not.



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